Bring Your Own - Upholstery

Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘BYO’ from time-to-time? Well, next month at the Reloved Upholstery workshop in Stockport, I’ll be running a ‘bring your own upholstery course’.

I’ve been inundated with requests from people asking how I do it. Now I get the chance to show them. 

Limited availability

I’ve kept the numbers low—just four people per course. Each person will be asked to bring an item that matters to them, be it an Ercol chair or a footstool.

I wanted this upholstery course to place an emphasis on teaching technique and creativity, rather than getting people through the door. After all, I do this job with passion in mind, not profit. So I’ve set aside and dedicated a full week, and my entire workshop, to my customers. This way everyone will be rightfully pleased with their finished items.

I have a wonderful array of fabric books at the workshop. I’m hugely excited to see what items people bring, and what exactly they want to do with them.

I enjoy teaching, but I can’t run upholstery courses full-time. One week means I can stay match-fit. Every project presents its own challenges. I’m looking forward to embracing them with you.

Book your place now!

Can’t make it?

I know it will be difficult for many people to book, especially those who follow my work from abroad. Don’t worry, I’m planning on running online creative coaching in the near future. This way I can help you with your projects wherever you are, regardless of what you’re stuck on.