Dare to be bold?

Simion has always loved bold colour, but more recently he is embracing bold patterns in his work too.

In fact, Simion's column in the latest edition of Reclaim magazine is all about how he became bolder with pattern, thanks to luxury print designer Charlotte Jade

This got us thinking about all of the stunningly bold chairs that Simion has worked on over the last year. His appearances on the BBC's Money For Nothing have given him some fantastic opportunities to go bold with pattern.

These tulip chairs were upholstered with amazing fabrics designed by Patternistas, produced by Panaz.

This geometric pattern was also produced by Panaz, mixed with the lovely shape of this swivel chair saved from landfill. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, so it's as eco-friendly as it is stunning!

But the boldest chair of 2020 had to be the Timorous Beasties Parker Knoll Merry Go Round. Simion felt very privileged to be asked to work on this rare model, and voted this his favourite chair of 2020. It's not hard to see why...

Do you have a chair in need of a makeover? Be it a vintage Ercol, a Parker Knoll treasure, a retro Egg chair or a family heirloom, we'd love to help you go bold with your own fabric choices so do get in touch. Our fabrics page is ready to provide some extra inspiration too.

If you'd like to find out more about Simion's collaborations with Charlotte Jade, pick up issue 56 of Reclaim Magazine at your local distributor (which you can search for here) or download a digital copy at Pocket Mags