Egg Chair upholstery

We’ve become renowned for upholstering complicated yet classic pieces, such as Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair. Because of this, we thought it pertinent to share with our process as we completed this latest project.

From a sun damaged red, this week we’ve transformed an original Egg chair to a vibrant yellow wool.

History of the Egg

An iconic chair, which has featured in a number of films, Help! by the Beatles to Austin Powers.

The concept was given to the world by architect and designer Arne Jacobsen.  A prolific architect, Jacobsen is better known now for his iconic chairs designs, the Ant, the Swan and of course the Egg.

What we did

Everything about this chair is truly unique and taking on the job of upholstering is no mean feat.  All stitching is done by hand, therefore no two stitches are ever the same, but follow on from each other, as I stretch and smooth the fabric to create a perfect fit over the chair shell.  Did you know that this chair has over 400 handmade stitches?

Here’s a great video from Fritz Hansen upholsterer, Hans Mannerhagen.  It really demonstrates just how much work goes into creating these curved masterpieces.

New Eggs

New chairs are still in production today, available from the Republic of Fritz Hansen.