Ercol Jubilee transformation

We’re talking Ercol Jubilee this week, with a specific focus on a very dated three-seater sofa.

We started this job by first restoring the frame. This involved repairing areas of damage, cleaning it up and waxing it to highlight the wood’s natural beauty. The second thing to tackle was the webbing, which had seen better days.  We replaced with new Pirelli webbing and used the traditional dowel method to secure it in place.

Ercol Jubilee-ations at our contemporary upgrade

To give the sofa a contemporary feel, we completely redesigned the cushions, replacing three single seat cushions with a single base cushion.  We have also taken this concept to the Ercol studio couch The back of the Jubilee sofa has gorgeous spindles, these remained hidden with the original cushions, and we really wanted to show off this feature. So we set about making a bespoke cushion design, for which we chose to use four 24 inch scatter cushions. This really highlighted the sofa’s assets, the curved wood and spindles. This approach gives it a whole new lease of life.

For the upholstery we used Kirkby recycled wool in charcoal grey. We felt that this was a nice touch, given that the entire piece can now be called recycled –  and this definitely fits in with our upcycling ethos.