Ercol reupholstery: Ercol cushions and covers

Here at Reloved Upholstery, we offer a premium quality reupholstery service for your Ercol furniture.

Ercol_Windsor from Bearded Fellows on Vimeo.


Ercol reupholstery – recommended restorers

We can fulfil your reupholstery needs with new cushions and covers.  Each is made from grade A foam, enveloped in a cover in a fabric of your choice.

The Ercol recommend service gives you a choice of some amazing colours and fabrics. From wool to cotton, plains to patterns. Ercol can take almost any fabric and be given a whole new look.

Take for example a recent commission; upholstery for an Ercol Windsor two-seater sofa.  A stylised geometric print is used from Kirkby Designs. The bold print coupled with a soft brushed cotton makes it perfect to sit back and relax.

For less than the cost of buying new, you can give your furniture a contemporary makeover.

You can see our dedicated Ercol upholstery page to buy or enquire.


Reloved vintage Ercol Studio couch with Kirkby Recycled Wool
Jon Burgerman Vintage Ercol Windsor
Jon Burgerman Vintage Ercol Windsor
Ercol Studio couch after a Reloved Makeover
Ercol 2 seat Windsor sofa Kirkby Atom fabric