Making in collaboration with Jay & Co

Ercol Windsor sofa with Timorous Beasties fabric

As a craftsperson running my own workshop, I’m used to being a bit of a lone wolf. Clients brief me, but most of the designs are mine, creatively speaking, I am the boss!

I have many super creative neighbours that share the same studio space, and we often stop and chat over a coffee, and use each others’ services, but collaboration on projects doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, it’s great.

So, when my mate Jay* invited me to co-create a sofa for his client, I jumped at the chance.  He had a vision and I had the upholstery know-how, and together we created an amazing modern classic from a two-seater Ercol Windsor.

This sofa has been fully restored. The blonde frame waxed and hand polished, before replacing the Pirelli webbing.  New seat pads and back cushions have been created and carefully upholstered with the vibrant Omni Splatt fabric by Timorous Beasties.

Collaborative working can be a tricky business especially when two creative minds come together, each with their own vision. But, credit where credit’s due, this was a triumph.  Both Jay and I are perfectionists and demand the upmost when it comes to creating pieces. This clearly worked in our favour as we’re both delighted with the outcome and have secured the future of the client’s sofa for many more years to come.

*I work with Jay on Money for Nothing. You can also see him on The Repair shop. Watch out for the Christmas special on BBC Two,19th of December 2017 at 7pm