Reloved Upholstery Kleckztale Original Vintage Cocktail chairs

Kleckztale Original vintage cocktail chairs have been built using both traditional and modern methods using imported 1950s vintage German Cocktail chairs.

These gorgeous pieces were created for an art installation at the Furniture Makers’ Hall in London.  Created in collaboration with artist Mike Chavez-Dawson (Manchester) featuring his fabric design ‘Face Your Demons, V1, 2015’.

The fabric is a digital composite made up of a series of ‘text-Rorschach.’ This is based on artists names who have suffered from or been affected by mental health issues.

Face Your Demon’s stemmed from a major commission by Collective//Pod in Coventry for a multi-site show, before being made into fabric and used for the  ‘Fabrications’  show at the Furniture Makers Hall in July 2015.