Rugs: sustainable and ethical design

This week I’m talking ethical design, particularly when it comes to rugs. I’m very much in favour of recycling and reusing and being as ethical as I can in my work. Having a social conscience is definitely something we’re seeing more and more companies shout about.  Even at London Fashion week, sustainability as a political message was strong. We saw eco-textiles made from chestnut skins and plastic bottles, amazing leather and wool like fabrics. 

Rugs made with love and moral goodness

So, in keeping with the theme, this week, I urge you all to check out Manchester’s very own, The Knot Collective. A fabulous cooperative of artists, designers, weavers, and manufacturers. All of which are working together to end child labour in the carpet weaving industry.

The organisation is fully opposed to child labour, a member of Goodweave. and is committed to creating ethical rugs and working towards a better future for the industry and those working in carpet weaving globally. 

So, not only are you supporting an amazing enterprise and very valid cause. Buying a rug from The Knot Collective means you are investing in an amazing piece of design.