Vintage 1960s Benchairs

 ‘Ben Chairs’, a company based in Frome, Somerset, produced many iconic chairs up to the late 1980s when they sadly went into liquidation.  In its hayday, the company shipped their chairs via their own railway carriage up and down the country!

Being strongly constructed from hardwood, Benchairs are incredibly hard wearing. Often favoured by the hospitality industry, the companies strap line back in the day was ‘Furniture that takes some beating!’

Simion has restored many Benchairs over the years, and as part of our new ‘Bespoke for you’ range we currently have in stock a set of 4 classics, available now in a fabric of your choice.

Originally designed by Ben Stoe, These chairs have beautiful solid beech splayed legs and would be perfect for your retro dining room, or even for behind a desk or dressing table. These original 1960s Ben Chairs will be fully restored and upholstered from start to finish in our workshop here in Stockport. Visit the product page here to find out more or get in touch to chat about your ideas!

Or, if you find or own a set of your own that you’d like help bringing back to life we’d love to help.

Alternatively, these are the perfect chair to bring along on our Upholstery Masterclass with Simion if you fancy getting hands on and learning the basics of upholstery.

We also offer reproduction Benchair 907 frames as shown below. These chairs have all the iconic features of mid century furniture styling. As above they are upholstered by Simion in a fabric of your choice and can be made in many different wood finishes so the possibilities really are endless!