Vintage Parker Knoll Statesman chair upholstered

Give your vintage Parker Knoll Statesman chair the ultimate makeover for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

The Parker Knoll Statesman chair is seeing something of a revival. First launched in 1960, it remained in production for 30 years, before falling out of favour.  Recently it has been revived by John Lewis as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations.  This has definitely upped the chair’s credibility.

Vintage Parker Knoll Statesman chair, a modern classic

A classic vintage reclining chair, the Parker Knoll Statesman’s ergonomic curvaceous form gives you a comforting warm hug.  The design was ahead of its time, harmoniously combining sumptuous fabrics and leather with modern engineering. The Statesman range embodied the company’s founding principles too. They wished to transform the everyday sitting experience by designing high quality, attractively engineered furniture that delivered the best in comfort.
If you can’t bear to part with your vintage Parker Knoll Statesman chair, but you think it may need a refresh, get in touch. We can fully restore and upholster it, from the solid ash base to new cushions and fabric. All from just £895.00. If you’re intrigued to see how we do it, take a look at our pictures which illustrate the process.

If you’re looking for a vintage Statesman that’s already been given a face-lift, we also have a range of chairs all fully refurbished and upholstered using Moons fabric. They come in angel blue with buttons in yellow, grey and orange Harris Tweed.  From build to delivery, a refurbished chair takes three to four weeks, that’s eight weeks less than when buying brand new.  Added to this you would pay a fraction of the cost for 100% wool, just £1400.00.

Other bespoke options are available too, just ask us