Vintage writing desk by Mummenthaler & Meier

We’re lucky to have for sale this really rare teak writing desk. Nick-named the Magic Box, it dates from circa. 1950 and is made by Swiss manufacturer Mummenthaler & Meier.

We sourced it from auction in the North of England in late 2016. We fell in love with it instantly and it’s a bit of a wrench putting it up for sale. Once in our clutches we were able to open it with one of its two original keys, and were surprised with what we found inside. It really was magical.

We discovered that the magic box belonged to a certain Mr E Cowell, a Manufacturing Director at Rose Forgrove Ltd in Leeds.

Inside the bureau we found his glasses, while in the draws we found pencils all sharped and ready for use. There were also serval small bags foreign currency, including Swiss currency. He must have travelled with his job, maybe this is how he came across the Magic Box. It remains a mystery, but this multi-functional desk secrétaire is a real find. It has countless retractable shelves, drawers and boxes and a built-in light over the top of the desk. This is a unique piece that when closed looks like an ordinary cabinet with two large doors. It’s in excellent condition for its age and comes with two original brass keys.

Writing desk Measurements

Width: 83.0 cm

Height: 224.0 cm

Depth: 54.0 cm