The chairs that made 2021

The start of a new year always gets us reminiscing about the wonderful chairs we have been trusted to restore, so we thought it might be nice to share some of our favourites from 2021 with you...

We had to start with this beauty to add a little sunshine to your January - one of our signature chairs, the Parker Knoll Statesman with a rare matching Footstool.

Simion has always wanted to reupholster one of these classic chairs in yellow velvet, and last year our lovely client allowed him to do just that! We think Gypsy the Reloved Frenchie approved too...

This beautiful fabric is from Linwood's Omega Velvet collection in shade 'Canary'.

We've already written a full blog post all about these beauties which you can read here, but we thought they deserved another mention.

These GPlan Fresco dining chairs had huge sentimental value as they belonged to our client's Nan, so Simion found it a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to bring them back to life. Now they can go on to be used and loved for many years to come.

Restoring chairs with memories is our absolute favourite thing to do here at Reloved. Perfect fabric choice too from Bute's ‘Magic’ collection - a recycled wool in a beautiful shade of pale pink.

Next up is this iconic duo - the Egg and Swan chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen for the Royal Hotel Copenhagen back in 1958.

Two of Simion's all time favourite chairs, he is always fascinated by the fact that these iconic designs still look modern today, over 60 years since they were originally designed.

Rescued from landfill by the Queen of Upcycling Sarah Moor for the BBC One show 'Money For Nothing' and brought to the Reloved studio for its makeover.

Simion loved restoring this beautiful chair using traditional upholstery skills that he learnt from his upholstery guru and mentor Dennis Gilligan.

This chair was all about the fabric - by the very talented Bobo 1325. Here's what the designer has to say about the inspiration behind the print: 

‘It’s about the power of the cup of tea.
Never has there been a drink quite like tea, it’s a drink that has the power to link cultures together both ceremonially and socially. It’s been a social drink in Britain for centuries no matter a persons status, class or rank. But all over the world it has a representative meaning.
It’s truly stood the test of time, from ladies and high tea, to the workers and to millennials. Tea is the answer. We synchronise brew breaks for a gossip we drink herbal teas for the health benefits and natural healing. Not forgetting a good cup of Yorkshire to cure heartbreak and dare I say it…hangovers.
Taking inspiration from a variety of design periods to construct the pattern, with classic floral elements from orchids, peony’s and delphiniums (a flower that represents the transcendence of time and space – which in my opinion a good cup of tea takes us to! Linking eastern culture to where tea leaves were first discovered to western culture after King Charles II first introduced it to Britain.'

And last but not least, just look at this transformation...



and after!

We love it when our client's trust us to go bold with fabrics. This was one of the last restorations of 2021, and what a beauty!

With stylish midcentury atomic legs, this little vintage wingback 2 seater was screaming out for a Reloved makeover, and this geometric print by Linwood fabrics worked so well with the style.

We received the above insitu pic just before Christmas (complete with Christmas tree!) and it absolutely made our day seeing this stunner in its new home.


Do you have an iconic chair in need of a restoration? We'd love to hear from you, so do get in touch with a photo of your chair and we'll get back to you asap.